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Frascati Fencing Training Camp

elemento grafico Frascati Fencing Training Camp

Come in Frascati and trained with the best athletes in the world!

Join the passion for fencing to the beauty of a trip to Italy near Rome the eternal city You can practice all day from morning to night and if you want you can make individual lessons with experienced Masters

Short Camp Master Camp Olympic Camp Academy
Week 1 2 3 4 or more
Lesson with experienced Masters no 1 2 3
Service maintenance yes yes yes yes
price 200,00 € 350,00 € 400,00 € +50€ for each week from the 4th one

Ask us a special price!

Ask us a special price for group of 5 fencers or more.
Send an e-mail to with the following details:
number of fencers, period (from date to date), age of each fencer

Frascati Fencing for you, daily Schedule

The price includes

  • 1) Full access to fencing hall and related services from 9.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m (changing room, weight room ecc.)
  • 2) Match with all our athletes
  • 3) Athletic Training with our coach
  • 4) Service maintenance Fencing equipment

NOT includes

  • Individual lessons to be agreed directly with the Master

Morning session


(9.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m.)

  • individual lessons (if agreed)
  • matchs with best athletes
  • access to weights room
  • athletic training
    (program provided by our Trainer)

Afternoon session


(16.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m.)

  • athletic training
    (directly with our Trainer)
  • matchs with all athletes of Frascati
Our Trainers


During your stay you can visit beautiful places such as the town of Frascati and the others Roman Castles (Castel Gandolfo, summer residence of the Pope, Albano, Marino etc.) and obviously you can reach Rome in few minutes by train or bus directly from Frascati center.

Frascati's villas


The main attraction of Frascati is made from the villas. The nearest and the most beautiful is the Villa Aldobrandini, who is also the only one open to the public. More villas: Lancellotti, Falconieri, Mondragone, Torlonia and can not be visited.

Castel Gandolfo


It is located close to the lake of Castel Gandolfo (or Albano). It rises 426 meters above sea level at the center of the country, there is the Papal Residence (since 1600). Views of the lake missed. The town is very impressive, not surprisingly was elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.



The monuments of Marino remember the baroque Church of Saint Barnabas, and the town hall already Palazzo Colonna. In the two squares together from the main street there are two Baroque fountains that "give wine" every year on the occasion of the famous Grape Festival